Social Concerns

Sacred Heart Parish, inspired by Christ's love, is committed to reaching out and responding to the needs of the poor, elderly, sick, and homeless.

Social Concerns provides the moral and physical support when needed and whenever possible.

Some of our programs to accomplish these goals are:

Feeding the hungry - Parishioner donations of food and other items are distributed to those in need, in the form of holiday food baskets.  The collections of goods are distributed at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Sharing God's Gifts - Donated gifts left under our "Giving Tree" at Christmastime are distributed to the needy.

Prayer and Praise - We hold an annual Anointing of the Sick Mass.  This is followed by a fellowship luncheon.

Volunteers are welcome and needed to share in the many blessings and rewards of our ministry.  Please contact the Rectory for information on how to make a commitment to this worthy ministry.